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Delicious food which has been prepared in a kitchen.
Apples for example are not bitchin' in the kitchen because they were not prepared. Cake can be bitchin' in the kitchen.
Andy: Dude this cake is bitchin' in the kitchen. It's delicious.
Bob: Thank you, I prepared it myself
by youdafoo92 May 04, 2010
Saying someone smokes A LOT!
Can be used for smoking salvia, weed, cigarettes, cigars. Anything that emits smoke.
Bob: Hey dude Bob Marley is so awesome!
Marley: I know man and he smokes like a chimney!
by youdafoo92 May 04, 2010
Anyone who is a gangsta/gangster, cool, etc. and their name starts with the letter "z."
Bob: Dude that kid Zach is so cool.
Jeff: Yeah, he's a fucking zangsta!
by youdafoo92 May 04, 2010
just fucking kidding.
JK sounds too gay so say JFK
Bob: Hey let's fuck
Mary: Oh yes, I'm so desperate
Bob: jfk bitch. You're a whore.
by youdafoo92 May 03, 2010
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