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Republican folks will come right out and say that they oppose the new world order but the Republican politicians won't.
Democrats whether the politicians or the folks will come right out and say they are for the new world order while simultaneously trying to bash the Republicans over Bush and the New World Order.
Bill Clinton signed every bit of NWO legislation into being.Democrats run around saying "borders are archaic" which makes them altogether from top to bottom evil NWO supporters and indisputible fascist GHW Bush Sr. supporters and Nazis.Bill Clinton is still out there blazing the trail of the NWO with his CGI garbage.
Democrats and Republicans suck.All Democrats suck,the people and the politicians.And Republican politicians suck.
by you suck October 06, 2006
a stupid hick "sport" in which 43 guys drive around in circles for 3 hours..wooo exciting. all you people who can auctually stay awake for those 3 or 4 hours should really see a doctor. or atleast watch a Champ Car or F1 race...they are auctually entertaing. And the only reason most women watch NASCAR is because they think some driver is cute or whatnot...which totally defies the point of auctually watching it. pffff stupid waste of TV time.
Mother:"Today is your dentist appt. for your root canal. Of course if you would rather watch the NASCAR race, you can stay home..."
Son: "NO WAY! I'd rather go to the dentists!"
by you suck April 03, 2005
Caramel Fatass can't even spell either.
by you suck December 15, 2003
*having sex in the ear*


Hot guys.


by you suck October 09, 2003
an excellent movie by Ralph Bakshi

a poser genre of music that's even more satanic than the original rock & roll or even the government!
pretty fuckin gay,man....

pretty fuckin gay!!
by you suck March 07, 2005

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