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fake ass "borough" of nyc. the only "borough" without subways. kids from there think the north shore is the worst ghetto out there...even though there's like 2 project buildings on the whole island...there's barely any tough areas in staten island except for maybe parts of stapleton and st. george...which wouldn't equal a fraction of whats bad in jersey. pretty-boy greaseballs try to act black and drive daddy's mercedes around and they're all apparently from the mafia...go figure. they talk shit bout jersey when they finally move there cuz they think its one big farm..and thats only cuz they stay in the mansion they moved into in marlboro or colts neck or one of those towns..yet catch em in a bad area of jersey and they get sent back over the outer bridge in a body bag
Staten island guido: yo bro, you from jersey bro, you got tractors where you live bro?
me: yea we got tractors...but i guess you're just mad cuz you're "boro" has no trains and will always be known as brooklyn's little bitch brother
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