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guys (or girls) who are on your "hot" list whom you wouldn't mind asking you out-- the opposite of "NO" : guys who you would NOT go out with EVER----*ALL ON SHALLOW LEVEL WHO YOU DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY*
HE'S my YES. That ugly guy is my NO.
by yoplait February 19, 2005
definition #1: very annoying little boys that kill you with their extra extra annoyingness that no one likes because they're annoying.

definiton #2: a fruit used to make lemon juice

definition #3: a very perverted word used for private body parts

definition #4: a word that can be used whenever, wherever, and can be made to apply, or NOT apply, to ANYTHING.
#1: Hm, let's kill lemons.

#2: Lemons are yellow and sour but it at the same time NOT pee.

#3: I kicked him in the lemons!!

#4: Q: Pink or Blue? --- Respond with: LEMONS.
by yoplait February 19, 2005
definition: the semi-secret nickname for very very annoying boys who like to kill you with their annoyingness.

definition #2: the things you squeeze for lemon juice

definition #3: a very perverted word that is used for private body parts.

definition #4: a word that i used when there is no better word for the cause
#1: Let's kill lemons

#2: Lemons are yellow and sour.


#4: "Do you like the pink one or the blue one?" ---- respond with: "LEMONS."
by yoplait February 19, 2005
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