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a small unmeasured unit of measure
a scoash of sugar in my coffee
by yonder August 29, 2004
Yonder: Antwhere but here.

Real gone.
Synonym: outare
"He's gone yonder, way outare, real gone."
by Yonder August 24, 2004
I was raised on a farm in Missouri where the honeywagon was a wagon pulled by a tractor, and had a p-t-o auger to spread manure on the fields.
"Hey, don't call it the shitwagon around the girls, call it a honewagon.
by yonder August 29, 2004
One who sits in the hot-tub biting everyone's fart bubbles.
I ain't goin' in till that gumpus leaves.
by yonder August 29, 2004
a question frequently asked by Jewish people before eating something.
"Yes, you can eat it, it scoasher."
by yonder August 29, 2004
To hit with the fist to the upper arm mussel causing a disabling sensation in the arm.
"He frogged me so hard I couldn't raise my arm to hit him back."
by yonder August 29, 2004
To waffle: to leave an impression on the face or body such as a waffel iron makes on a pancake.
He slammed into the chain link fence so hard it left a waffel on him.

When she awoke from her nap she had a waffle mark from the mat on her face.

She sat on his face till it waffeled her butt.
by Yonder August 24, 2004
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