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stands for bad kid basic. refers to players on call of duty 4, and call of duty world at war that do not have a 'turtle beach' or after-market microphone....so their mic is 'basic'. it is not always intended as an insult because most everyone has the standard mic
Johnny: Hahha you fucking suck! I heard you coming around that corner with my turtle beach....bitch!

Ronny: Oh, well I dont have a cool, expensive mic.

Johnny: What a fucking bk basic!
by yomanwhatup July 03, 2009
refers to a girl that is super cool and can get any guy she wants

spelled with three r's because thats how a nigger would say it
Taylor: Oh hey, I just went to the club, and I had about 10000 guys give me their number....but I'm not gonna call one of them.

Blake: Dayyyuummmm playgurrr, you so cool!
by yomanwhatup July 04, 2009
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