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imagen is a huge huge huge whore who cant think about anyone but herself. she is so much like taylor it isnt funny.
tayor and imagen are whores and sleep with everyone. imagen isnt a person to trust. imagen is a cow bitch whore mother fucker.
imagen is a ugly fat dog.
imagen is a whore and a bitch
#imagen #bitch #whore #fat #dog
by yo yo yigidy yo August 25, 2008
Can be a asshole at times, especialy when hes around his friends.
Isnt as perfect as ashana or kiani or kiaya but thats ok.
Ashana says hes good in bed, such a man whore. Loves to roll in the mud and has a huge huge head.
matthieu is a blonde, big headed, asshole
#matthieu #boy #big #head #blonde
by yo yo yigidy yo August 25, 2008
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