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Horsemen - term meaning "brotherhood", "family" and "life" of a group of people. Often referred to a group of individuals who support a variety of sports, topics, and good times. From Meatheads to Athletic Supporters they ride together and die together. Not to be associated with your "Bad Boys" crew, these fella's live the highlife in only a couple of hours than some do in their entire life-span. Link Words- "Brothers" and "HorsemenStrong"
Horsemen for Life.
by Yo Yo March 23, 2005
a big ball of shit that hangs down from your ass hair
tyler has a dingle berry
by yo yo March 24, 2005
to injure oneself or someone else
can also be used as a way of describing a drunken feeling
I badunked myself on the counter
I am really f***ing badunkacrunkled right now, but give me another shot
by yo yo March 22, 2004
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