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Popularized in the series premiere of the Fox show "New Girl."

A jar into which a person puts money after he or she says or does something a douchebag would do.
(to a female friend)
Guy: I know you've been through a lot, but I'd still totally do you.
Girl: Really? That's so nice...
Girl and other Guys: DOUCHEBAG JAR!!
by ynnoj123 September 20, 2011
An expression Homer Simpson of "The Simpson's" uses right before he begins strangling his son Bart. A sign of extreme anger, often in response to an insult.
Bart: "If you had a nickle for every time you scratched your butt, we'd be on easy street."
Homer: "Why you little..."
Bart: (choking sounds)

Homer hits himself in the eye with the sharp part of a hammer. Bart starts hysterically laughing.

Homer: "Why you little..."
Bart: (choking sounds)
Homer: I'll teach you to laugh...at...something...that's...FUNNY!!!
by ynnoj123 January 01, 2012
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