1 definition by yesoptus

Worst decade ever.

Nearly everything was cheesy - the pop music, the over the top fashion, the movies and their soundtrack, makeup, the hair....

What's even worse about it is that its fashion didn't fully die out until like 1997. Yes, there were some people who still didn't get over the 80's fashion!

The most worst thing about the decade was the women's big, fluffy hair - ugh! Men had those awful thick, mullet hairs where they resembled llamas. The music was the 2nd worse with its cheesy synthpop sound alongside those cheap drums - AARGH!

Most of the time the term "80's" is used in a negative manner, just like how the word "gay" is.
Ew, what are you wearing? That's so 80's!

Ugh! This song is so 80's! Change it!

I admit I looked awful in the 1980's.
by yesoptus September 14, 2011

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