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A school that is not last chance but dead close. You pay a reduced rate for a college that is filled with: Regular white people, white people who hate black people, white people who do not know what the term African American is, and white people who think capitalism in Africa will solve all their problems.

Also you pay for a Police force that shoots people because they are hyped up for even a doughnut. Some parts of the school are cool. Not really. Parties. Dont exist. Why do you think they all come to schools like Michigan State to party.

Be warned the women are either stuck up or loose. No one can hold their beer down and no one knows what liquor is or how to use it. Paranoia of "getting in trouble" (OH NOES!) is everywhere. Dont think you can enjoy a party without the host telling you to not be so loud the cops are at the door or that you have to leave because you pissed off the balcony.
"Whats going on this weekend"

"My boi is having a Golf Pros GV Hoes party wanna come?"
"Naw, I think Im going to party at State."

GV Bro: " Yeah this one time I smashed a girl with 8 shots in me. Then I went back and took two more and passed out."
MSU Bro: "Cool story bro." *Smashes a fifth then fucks the GV Bros Bitch"

GV girl: "Lets drink wine."
Western Guy: "*Slap*.....Just STFU."

Freshman: "Yeah so I calculated it out and for my major LCC looks really good then I will transfer to state."
Mom/Dad: "OH GAWDDDD NO! YOU WILL GO TO Grand Valley State University"
by yesman1990 February 22, 2011

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