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I don't know much about the technicals of autism. I do know some autistic kids personally. The ones I know usually socially isolate themselves to some extent. Some autistic kids are remarkably skilled in some area, and know a lot about things that someone would find very confusing.
My best friend's brother is autistic. He is socially awkward but he can name every country in the world and all the components of his computer with a description of their functions off the top of his head.
I knew another autistic kid who was amazingly awesome at street fighter for snes.
by yes.. NO!! May 22, 2005
An organization that protests eating, wearing, killing, and talking in a mean tone to animals.

I saw this PETA protest one day, they were protesting KFC. They said that the way KFC kills their chickens is wrong. Wow, I really don't give a crap - the chicken DIES regardless. Who cares if they give it a waterbed with a view of the ocean before it dies.. It's going to DIE!!!

Another thing - these chickens were bred for the sole purpose of becoming my next meal. Therefore, they wouldn't even have a life, let alone a wonderful one if it weren't for meat eaters.
Hey assholes, why don't we take care of all the humans who are living in terrible conditions first?
by yes.. NO!! May 21, 2005

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