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"Dick Sucking Hoes of America" is the stereotypical title of a DSHA girl. Prior to contrary beliefs, DSHA girls are extremely modest and sweet. At DSHA the girls strive to get the best education possible. And they DON'T wear /only/ designer brands. Yes; North Face jackets, Vera Bradley, Sperrys, and Ugg Boots are popular in the school. But that doesn't mean that the girls are stuck up snobs who only care about designer clothing and "giving guys head." DSHA girls genuinely care about their friends, family, and God. Yes, they have fun. No, that does not mean "getting shitfaced" and going to parties. Like someone else posted, the girls who wrote those rude comments are either:

1. public school girls who only assume things about DSHA and don't actually take the time to get to know a DSHA girl, (yes I realize this sounds self-centered and seems like I am saying "public school girls are just jealous of us" but that is not what I am implying at all.) or

2. a girl who went to DSHA and did not enjoy her experience there because of a couple actual snobs that ruined her high school years.

And, may I add, the book "Whores on the Hill" is extremely degrading to the rest of the population of modern day DSHA girls because I go to DSHA and none of the girls that I know are that slutty and repulsive.

So please, next time you hear a rumor about a "Slutty, Snobby DS girl" then take to time to consider: Not everyone has to fit under one stereotype.
Snotty Public School Girl: "Oh my God that DSHA girl looks so snobby. Look, she has a puffy North Face Jacket, Uggs and a Starbucks coffee in her hand."

Kind Public School Girl: "So what? It's a winter jacket, doesn't matter where it's from. I have a North Face too. Uggs are very warm, and you never know, that could have been her birthday present or Christmas present. And are you saying you've never gone to Starbucks before?"
by yes-i-am-a-proud-dsha-girl December 20, 2010

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