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A suburb west of Minneapolis with a school district that thinks people's hard earned tax money, that is put into EDUCATION, is best used for useless, million dollar expansions.Most of them are just to look cool. The most recent one is at Minnetonka High School, where the place is basically being made to look like a mall, it will even have a coffee shop.Minnetonka also complains about it when they don't have enough money when they are spending like there's no tommorow.

Most people who go to the high school, being mindless drones,don't realize what a huge waste of tax money it is, without stopping to think "hey, maybe minnetonka isn't the most important place in the world".
3 people that go to MHS
Person 1:hey dude did you see the construction they're doing ?!
Person 2:yeah man this is gonna be so sweet we gonna get coffee shop!
Intelligent Person:well this is just a part of the construction they are doing in the school and the district, it has to cost millions if not tens of millions of dollars, and it is tax money that they are wasting. I don't even pay taxes and this makes me really mad.
Person 1: OMG shut up retard minnetonka is amazing it so tight, I mean our team is called the skippers!
Intelligent Person: *Facepalm*
by yes really December 02, 2009
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