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an object of natural origins, beneficial to mankind, made illegal to stifle competition with artificial, man-made objects, structures, and systems, of which legalization would cause politicians to lose financial support from vested interests, while at the same time free a country from slavery in the form of systems cloaked in the legitimacy of law.
1. Marijuana is a weed.
2. Vioxx is not a weed.
3. That statin drug, Lipitor is an anti-weed.
4. Thank goodness natural butter is not a weed.
5. Saturated fats like tallow and coconut are quasi-weeds: not illegal, but using it may cause you to be the subject of lawsuits by groups who honestly or dishonestly believe they are harmful.
6. as opposed to anti-weed: an object of artificial origin, harmful to mankind, made more harmful by legal structures and systems that stifle or outlaw the use of alternative objects that are beneficial. It is an object that sustains the livelihood of politicians, lobbyists, and particularly powerful big businesses, while at the same time enslaves a country to the dictates of interests shrouded in the legitimacy of law.
by yerrago February 19, 2005

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