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Wow, words aren't enough to describe this girl. She's gorgeous. You'll never meet another human being on this earth like her. Beside from her beauty she's smart as hell, and a girl that is an amazing kisser and enjoys any sexual activity. She knows how to hold back emotion and has a heart that couldn't be broken easily. Any guy would be lucky to date her. In other words she's a fucking goddess.
This party would be so much better if kaila were here!

If kaila were here she would know what to do
by Yeh yeh June 29, 2013
Mack Dawg Productions: Steeziest Snowboard video campany on the market today, they alays go the biggest and have the steeziest riders.
The pinnacle of snowboard video perfection. now while "Neoproto", Standard", "Absinthe", "We The Collective", "Robot Foods", and all the other brands out there make great vids(Neoproto and Robot Foods are my personal second bests), Mack Dawg always goes the biggest!
"Follow Me Around", "MDP People", "From___,With Love", "The Shakedown", "Chulksmack", "Pulse", Etc. <--All by Mack Dawg Productions
by yeh yeh May 30, 2006

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