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2 definitions by yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah2013

A high school that is highly looked at in the area considering all the rest of the schools are nothing but drugs, and freaks. Frankfort also contains a lot of what are called rednecks, who like to wear camoflage every day as if it were a "style". Frankfort not only has the style of every day camo, but also the style of leggings, sparkly uggs, ugg boots, and under armour. Not mention the deluxe camoflage under armour shirts, oh and the especially deluxe camo frankfort high school shirts both short and long sleeve.
You go to Frankfort High School? Do you like camouflage? I hear it's a popular style their.
by yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah2013 January 15, 2012
town A small , very small, very boring, town in West Virginia.
You live in Fort Ashby, West Virginia? Wow that sucks.
by yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah2013 January 15, 2012