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A ratings system employed by a male and his buddies to accurately assess the aesthetic value of a female counterpart.

The acronym of F.L.A.B.B.S. stands for the five areas of the female specimen that are rated in F.L.A.B.B.S.:

1. Face
2. Legs
3. Ass
4. Boobs
5. Brains
6. Stomach (overall tone of the girl, i.e. chubby would not score well on number 6)

N.B. Number 5, Brains, can be removed from the system if subject is unknown to male doing the rating, and would hence not know her intellectual capacity.

Each of these categories are scored out of 10 to give a total F.L.A.B.B.S. score out of 60.

Result analysis is as follows:

50-60: Amazing, banging, wow, iewufrwoghurigsr
40-50: Hot
30-40: Still probably hit that
20-30: You'd have to be drunk
10-20: A disappointment to males worldwide
0-10: Run the FUCK away!
Guy 1: dude, she's smoking!

Guy 2: I know mate, what would her F.L.A.B.B.S. be?

Guy 1: True, umm well face 9

Guy 2: Legs a safe 8

Guy 1: 10 for that fiiiiiiine ass

Guy 2: Chuck in a 9 for those hooters

Guy 1: But dude she's wearing heels to a football game, not the brightest, 5

Guy 2: Yeah true, but she saves it with that body of hers, 9 for stomach

Guy 1: (whips out pocket calculator) thats a 50! She's banging.
by yeahnah4991 October 11, 2010

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