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Dante's forgotten 10th circle of hell.

A city in Southern California. Most people know Calabasas for 2 things: Britney Spears, and the Kardashians. But who gives a shit about celebrities when the city itself sucks major ass?

Sure, it's filled with houses that cost more than the GDP of a developing country, along with spotlessly clean streets completely free of homeless people and stores where the average price of a t-shirt is $100.

But honestly, the superficiality of the city is also very much prevalent in its citizens. The typical Calabasas resident is young, rude, rich, and horny. They start off early; you'll see stupid little 10 year old girls with their Louis Vuitton purses and Seven jeans giggling to their friends on their iPhones all about the guy that they just kissed the other day. Everyone here is so inconsiderate and self-absorbed that it makes me sick. Genuine, kindhearted people are rare.

All anyone gives a shit about here are drugs, alcohol, sex, ugly designer clothes that are not worth their face value, and expensive cell phones. This place is shit. Do yourself a favor and run far, far away. You'll thank me.
Ignorant bastard: Yo dude, I'm gonna move to Calabasas because I heard Britney Spears lives there.

Former Calabasas resident who was smart enough to leave: You're a fucking moron.
by yeahimbitter November 20, 2009

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