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Where a man inserts his erect penis into a woman's vagina. Sometimes sex can include the sucking of the penis, oral sex, in which the woman is sucking the mans penis and the man is licking the woman's vagina, anal sex, or hand jobs.
One day I was walking through the school's main hallway when I saw Amy standing there. She stood in the utility room with only her hot ass sticking out, wearing tight shorts. I couldn't stop myself from touching it. She raised up, still facing the inside of the dark room. I pushed her inside. She turned around and started frenching me passionately. She took off my jeans and shirt while I ripped of het shorts. She wasn't wearing underwear so I started eating out her soaking wet pussy. She reached her orgasm very fast and I felt her body shiver. She bent down on her knees and gave me the best blowjob Ever. She licked my dick until it was hard and I turned her around so that I could finally fuck her. She screamed softly everytime I put my dick into her. 'FASTER, HARDER' she screamed. I became so horny of the sound of her voice, I just couldn't stop pulling in and out of her wet pussy. Suddenly the door opened and my math teacher Matt came in. He was fired a week before and was only 20 jears old so when he asked if he could join, Amy(I was still fucking her) said yes and she started giving him a blowjob. He was moaning agressivly which made me and the girl super horny. He came over to me and softly kissed me on the mouth. We stood still for a moment with the sound of Amy having an orgasm on the background. Suddenly we just burst into a passionate kiss, while rubbing eachoters dicks and reaching orgasm after orgasm. After a while Amy came in and I was fucking her in the ass while Matt fucked her pussy. We went on like that for an hour and then we stopped. Me and Amy ended up togheter and every wednesday we go to Matt to have awesome sex
by yeah-baby January 02, 2009

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