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The place to go when you are underage and need to buy cigarettes, dip, cigars, or any other smoking paraphernalia. Many Texacos don't even card underage kids.
Hey let's go to Texaco to get a pack of Newports
by yannidepp February 28, 2011
verb - To pull a Mr Brady is to pop a "chubby" while waiting for an upcoming guitar solo, to become erect at the though of playing guitar
Axel Rose just pulled a Mr Brady on stage
by yannidepp September 24, 2009
Any cup or container at a party or social gathering that has been used for any combination of the following:

-Ashing cigarettes
-Cigarette butts
-Chewing tobacco spit
-Cigar guts
-Any foul liquid such as warm beer or flat soda

When someone is intoxicated and takes a sip of the brew, they have just tasted the Drink of Doom
Johnny was so fucked up he took a sip from the Drink of Doom last night and puked everywhere
by yannidepp July 06, 2011
A nick-name for a blunt coined by Artifacts in their song Lower Da Boom. Called so for the approximate length of a blunt
Sit back and light the five inch adventure
by yannidepp December 05, 2009
The Irish Coffee is a small, low key fishing boat that was lost at sea during the early 1990s. There were only 3 crew members at the time of disappearance: 2 fisherman and the Ships Captain, Cpt. Dank. Remnants of the Irish Coffee were found off the cost of San Francisco, California.
There was a video of Irish Coffee in the physics video today.
by yannidepp October 28, 2009
any yellow labrador retriever who is both female and molly who enjoys doing tricks in the Tri
mondy is out back chasing a bone around the yard
by yannidepp April 21, 2010

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