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A great song made by ParagonX9 on Newgrounds. It's claimed to have 240 BPM and has a wintry feel, hence the name polar 240.
Guy: Hey, Bob, come here!
Friend: Yeah?
Guy: Listen to this song called polar 240, isn't it great?
Friend: Hell yeah! I'll get my metronome to see if it really is 240 BPM.
by yahmoo 23 February 15, 2010
An animated Transformers spoof based on a creator's original charachters. The humor ranges on how it appeals to pre-teens, how Optimus Prime dies every other season, and regular silliness.
friend 1: Wat'cha watching?
friend 2: Watching a Transformers spoof called SRM transformers, it's kinda funny.
friend: B.S.

five minutes later...

freind 1: Dude, I laughed my balls off! It's so funny.
friend 2: I knew you'd say that.
by yahmoo 23 January 28, 2010

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