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1) short for fucking awesome, thus used to express excitement or agreement
2) short for fucking a, thus used to express dissapointment or disagreement
1) You got Pixies tickets? Fucking A!
2) Fucking a I have a test tomarrow!
by yahitscool October 08, 2004
1) one who performs cunninglus
2) insult for a male slut
a nicer term than cuntmuncher
It doesn't matter if he doesn't pay, he's quite the nunu nibbler!
by yahitscool October 08, 2004
for use when a complete "what the fuck" moment happens but you're in a situation where actually saying "what the fuck" is extremely uncouth
or for whenever saying "Bindle" is quicker than saying "what the fuck"
Did you see that? Bindle
by yahitscool October 08, 2004
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