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Tall to begin with, but when dressed in heels, she is said to resemble a skyscraper. Her hair burns like the lava found inside the largest volcano. She has swag beyond belief and can be seen hanging out with some of the most hood people around. It is believed that she grew up in the toughest ghetto, overcoming adversity while murdering a rumored 74 black people, although she is most definitely not racist, just a coincidence. She dances like the lesbian daughter of Jaylo and Beyonce. She's a cool cat, that's for sure, none can compete. Mess with her, and you're going to end up on the street. When it comes to baking, she is a professional as well. Making cookies so great, they have stories people continue to tell. If you are ever lucky enough to come across such a divine specimen, it will be a life changing experience that you won't soon forget.
"Damnnnnn sonn, I think I just saw me a Kaylee dawg."
"Nah dude, that's just the crack you smoked earlier."
"Ah shit, you probably right."
by yaboifromdahood February 11, 2013

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