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20 definitions by ya boy trax

the sudden, unexpected boner you get for no apparent reason. can be brought on due to no stimulation of the penis, just no reason.can be abbreviated as NRB.
Fred:so, I was sitting in the class the other day and I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom and I got up and had a no reason boner!
Rick: That shit's funny dawg, did the teacher see you?
Fred:Yah!, along with the whole classroom too!, I was embarassed!
by Ya Boy Trax July 04, 2010
complete opposite of a fat wallet, a slimfast wallet is very slim or completely empty, not a good sign for the chicks.
Will: going out tonight with some girls, you down?
Steve: nah, cant, I got a Slimfast Wallet today
Will:you broke bastard!
by Ya Boy Trax June 11, 2010
the nudge you give your homie to take the blunt while riding and smoking, since the music's too loud and he cant hear you, therefore you nudge him.
*Music Blaring*
Andy:YO!!, HELLO!!, THE BLUNT!!!!
(homie ignores and continues driving)
( blunt nudges homie)Andy: Here Dude, damn!, heres the blunt
Mike:Why Didnt you say so?
Andy:Screw You Dude
by Ya Boy Trax June 16, 2010
The sense of urgency you get when you're not around any hot chicks when normally you are, which can lead to symptoms such as boredom,increased testoserone levels,unexplainable stress,overindulgence of alcohol and or marijuana.
Andy:damn I am so bored!
Mike:Is that why you're on your third beer
Andy:that and I'm suffering from like a 2 day hot chick withdrawl
Mike: I think they got a pill for that now
by Ya Boy Trax June 26, 2010
slang term used to ask how someone is or how they are doing, plus a new way to greet someone.
Andy:Whats Buzzin Cousin?
Brett:Not shit, you?
Andy: I'm good, and it's ironic how you are my cousin
Brett: you are right, that is pretty crazy
by Ya Boy Trax June 29, 2010
a more inconspicuous way to talk a female, rather than regular caking on the phone around all your homies, cake texting can be silent conversation along with button mashing on your phone.
Rich:why are you mashing your buttons over there?
Andy:nothing just texting
Rich; you seem excited, seems like cake texting to me!
by Ya Boy Trax June 06, 2010
the sudden trance you're put in when a beautiful girl looks into your eyes, and it's not something that happens often cause you know when her eye contact has meaning and love behind it.
Andy: So I was walkin down the street and I got attacked by radioactive monkeys!!!
Dre: No Way Dawg!
(beautiful girl walks by and makes eye contact)
Andy: Duhhh!!!, what was I saying?, I think I just got hit with The Chica Effect!!!
Dre:I dunno, I really wasnt listening
by Ya Boy Trax June 20, 2010