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sim. Descriptive of the difficulties encountered when attempting sexual congress whilst less than fully erect. also: Thumbing in a slacky, playing snooker with string, pushing a marshmallow in a money box.
After I saw her face it was like putting toothpaste back in the tube.
by yO'Neill February 27, 2008
n. The effect a seat belt or bag strap has on a ladys tits.
Jeff: Did you see those tits there were parted like the red sea?
Roy: Some kind of Moses effect.

by yO'Neill February 27, 2008
n. A comical, drunken attempt at combat.
Those two blokes at the bar got into some pisticuffs.
by yO'Neill February 27, 2008
n. An extra large hard-on achieved when particularly aroused, although still probably smaller then 3 feet.
His dick was so big, He had a yard-on
by yo'neill February 26, 2008
v. German. To shit oneself on orgasm.
Dude 1: So you bang that chick last night?
Dude 2: I don't wanna talk about it.
Dude 1: Why?
Dude 2: It's been awhile since I been with someone and I was getting off and when I came, I instantly shit my self and all over my bed!
Dude 1: You F@cking Lonked!!
by yO'Neill February 26, 2008
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