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"Shardlock Holmes" is a methhead that investigates to find the inconsiderably small amounts of meth that mysteriously dropped to the ground from the previous meth smoking session. In most cases Shardlock is more than often deceived by other bits of shit (that would look like shards if you were fucking high enough) on the ground, the perpetrator is often glass, wax, popcorn or skin that his druggie friends picked off themselves. His endeavours could be compared to "methscapades" or "carpet farming" all equally frowned upon in the Jib Tech Warrior Nation. His profession is dangerous and will slowly drive him insane.

Holmes is not famous for his acute sense of logical reasoning, it seems he'll never be sober enough to see that the magnifying glass he found doesn't truly make a difference.

Will Shardlock Holmes ever solve the mystery of the last lost shard?
Jib Tech Warrior #1 : Shit man, we're out of jib.
Jib Tech Warrior #2: No man, we dropped like a fucken... 10 on my bed lets fucking take out my mom's comb and it'll be like an excavation site !!!! LOOK THERE'S A SHARD !
Jib Tech Warrior #1: That's a piece of salt from the pretzels you were eating earlier. I swear if you start investigating for fucking "shards" again and being Shardlock Holmes I'll take my pipe and leave.
by y3llowbag June 15, 2011

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