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1 definition by y hallo thar

A mediocre, gimmicky writer, whose novels are more about having 500 showy quotes for scene kids to put on their MySpaces rather than taking the time to develop an actual novel. All of his characters are essentially the time, the plot lines and the so-called "twists" are ridiculous and are not as "deep" as many scenesters may think they are. Scenesters love to say that they love him because it makes them appear smart and cultured and well-rounded.

Panic at the Disco is the only reason he has gained any fame.
I used to read Chuck Palahniuk before I became disillusioned and reality set in.

Scenester: Have you read the new Chuck Palahniuk book?
Scenester #2: YEAH. It was just so deep; who knew that the clipboard girl was related to the porn star?
Scenester: It made me think about life, again..
Scenester #2: Yeah. You know. Let's go get high.

PALAHNIUK: pall of knee yuck
by y hallo thar August 13, 2008