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After fiercely pursuing and fantasizing about a potential love interest, bud zoning is the act of relegating said fantasy into a "friend" and no longer being able to picture them as an object of sexual desire.

Bud zoned is the word to refer to a guy that is no longer a sexual interest to a female pursuant.
Friend: "How did your date go?"

Tina: "I can't picture kissing him!"

*Friends make eye contact."

Friend: "Bud zoned!"
by XXXTina October 16, 2012
One who sports hot topic band tees, dark skinny jeans, and hair that resembles a peacock. Is very twitchy and can be aggressive when threatened. Scene kidds can usually be found alone, curled up in a corner with their iPod knockoffs and converse. Most scene kidds consider themselves musicians, and the ones who don't claim 'music is their life'. Myspace is their safety, where they go to put up scene photography and write scene lyrics on their profiles. Also, scene kidds tend to add extra XXXs to their names; such as XTINA, or TXNA. Attempting to converse with a scene kidd can result in violent, spastic twitching and screaming. Scene kidds always deny being scene, though it is obvious to the rest of the world. The trademark scene kidd hair is usually dyed and spikey, with mass amounts of gel. They never paint their nails, unless it's black, and they usually have some type of unnecessary acessory, like a headband or glasses. Writing on the arms is a must for scene kidds. However, if you see a scene kidd, do not approach, for they are not afraid to bite you to defend their scene essence.
"Hey XTina, you're a scene kidd!"
by xxxtina April 22, 2008

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