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1. The biggest advancement in shammy, towel, or rag technology.

2. When ordinary towels just soak up liquids(rly boring) the shamWOOHOO will knock the liquids of the surface.

3. Not 2 be confused with the shamwoohoo, this is the shamWOOHOO.

4. Created by nigahiga, not me.
1. Random a-hole: I don't know how towels work.

Me: Then use the shamWOOHOO.

Same a-hole: Don't u mean shamwoohoo?

Me: No, the 4th definition says different, a-hole, now u cant use it.

2. If u cant use ordinary towels, use the uncessessful shamWOOHOO!

3. That's it. Toodles.
by xxxpinkasssparkle69xxx July 12, 2009
1. According to South Park, the name black people gave to their house after white people started saying da house, da hizzie, da hizzie fo shizzie, and now, the flibbity-flobbity-floop.

2. Hopefully, the name of my next pet/child.

3. My new legal name.
1. Chef: We had to change it because whit people started saying da house, then they said da hizzie, and then they said da hizzie fo shizzie, so now we call it the flibbity-flobbity-floop.

Mr. Garrison: Quick Mr. Slave, we have to get back to our flibbity-flobbity-floop!

2. Person: Who's this little guy?

Me: That's Flibbity-flobbity-flopp, my hamster.

3. Random Creeper: Hey little boy, who are u?

Me: I;m Flibbity-flobbity-floop, but go away from me because ur a creeper.
by xxxpinkasssparkle69xxx July 11, 2009
1. An act or idea that is considered gay by another person.

2. An exceeding amount of foibles that result in failure.

3. Death Magnetic by Metallica.
1. Person 1: Dude, wanna go see Hannah Montana 2night?

Me: No dude, that's fagalism.

2. I was doin great, but my fagalism kicked in because I ate all those foibles.

3. METALLICA ROCKDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xcept for Death Magnetic. It's fagalism.
by xxxpinkasssparkle69xxx July 12, 2009

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