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Refers to how Harry Potter in the HP book series always gets stuff for no apparent reason and no one understands why.
To achieve something amazing against all odds, and usually undeserved. For instance, if the kid at the bottom of your class wound up valedictorian, he has just pulled a potter.
"That cokehead who just got out of school is running for governor? And winning?!"
"Yeah, that kid totally pulled a Potter."
by xxxholic June 02, 2005
term describing a kid who is emo, yet manages to be an asshole anyway. double points if he can be an asshole while crying, getting dumped by gf, etc.
"Can u believe that kid in the tight sweater, wool scarf, and Saves the Day tee called me that?!"
"I know. What an emasshole."
by xxxholic June 01, 2005
Punk is a subculture that was originally begun with the objective of being anti-establishment, but is now actually the mainstream trend, thus rendering the very principle of punk null and void. What it takes to be a 'real' punk is unknown because every punk thinks every other punk is a poser.

Punk is often associated with anarchy, leading stores like Hot Topic to slap the anarchy symbol on everything possible, when, in fact, anarchy is the opposition to things like government and capitialism, etc., so to be a real anarchist, one would have to not buy things at the fucking mall, thus making 98% of punks under 18 total dumbasses.

Punk as a fashion style has been ground into the ground so hard I never want to see a studded belt ever again and as a musical form, punk has been cut up and incorporated into so many other styles, it's hard to find a 100% punk band anymore. But none of the following are punk bands or artists: Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, or any band ever called emo ever.
"Omg, this Ramones tee I'm buying at the Buckle in the lower of my local mall next to the Gap is, like, so punk!"
by xxxholic June 01, 2005
very good and highly well-written book series about a orphan kid who's being seriously fucked up by his crappy ass aunt and uncle and then goes to a wizarding school, gets fucked up some more, etc, etc, and flies a broom and gets the hook up with asian chicks. Best Friend of a serious know-it-all bitch and a poor kid with red hair.

Not related in any way to Lord of the Rings.
"Damn, Harry's aunt and uncle fucked him up."
by xxxholic June 02, 2005
A band that is not quite as awful as people would have you believe, but still suck supreme ass most of the time and ARE NOT PUNK. And Joel
*does* think he's black. And is sort of on the ugly side. I was once a casual Good Charlotte fan, but I was never under the impression that they were 1) a band I should be proud of listening to, or 2) punk. They aren't punk. And if you are defending them as being punk and saying they're hot in the same enrty, you are whacked because punk is not about being hot, nor is about having a diary, lunchbox, stationary set etc, with your face on it, it's about the MUUUUUUUUUUUSIC and the lifestyle, you perfect idiots. You will grow up and realize the folly of your ways someday, my children.

Good GC songs: The Story Of My Old Man, My Bloody Valentine, The Young and the Hopeless

Bad GC songs: er, the rest of their entire musical catalogue?
"I am punk in my GC tee, visor, belt, socks, and shoes."
"Au contraire. You are a dumbass, stfu."
by xxxholic June 01, 2005

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