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Someone who is chun (i.e. A moron of the sort)
Andrews such a chunner.
by xxxMattxxx January 13, 2009
Placing a Semi-unconscious persons mouth on the edge of a curb and stomping on the back of his head.
Thus causing the victim to have his cheek tissue torn into a bloody smile.
Dude I gave that prick Micheal a Smiley.
by xxxMattxxx August 20, 2008
The improper word for Canada, it's spelt Canada not fucking Canadia. Learn to spell.
Guy1: Canadia is cold
Guy2: It's Canada dumb nut.
by xxxMattxxx September 16, 2008
Ey is the American version of eh.

Americans doing what they do best when embarrassed that they relate to a Canadian, they make up a word that does not exist.

In doing so they hope to avoid the fact that they say eh without realizing it just as people say like or uhm when going about thoughts.

If you look through a dictionary, 'eh' can be found as 'ey' cannot. If it is, that publisher is incorrect. Even Firefox spell check says ey doesn't exist.
ey, fuck yo couch.

eh, fuck yo spelling.
by xxxMattxxx January 13, 2009

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