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Can also be identified as emo. As the otaku, you draw anime, think anime, talk anime, and love Japan in general. You usually have a circle of friends who are more or less the same, and at lunch instead of eating you sit around and draw. You also take art class, which leads to drawing more anime. Because you draw it so much, your drawings are almost perfect by 8th grade. On Halloween, you don't dress up, you cosplay as your favorite Haruhi Suzumiya character. If you're not fat and are a girl, this can be cute. If you're a guy, though, you might just be called a fag. You have a DeviantArt account, 4chan account (HURRRRR 4CHONS ACCOUNT), or accounts on both, but despite all this you can be somewhat normal if you aren't too open about your obsessions.
Normal person: get out of my way emo
otaku: Im not emo! *scribbles in death note
and dies :D
otaku: (thinking) *hahaha the otaku kid never loses!!!*
by xxmychemdianaxx November 29, 2009

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