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to lick, suck, fuck a girl's pussy with your tounge! now im a girl & speaking from my point of view: "damn it feels so freakin good!" When he eats me out he usually starts by licking at my belly button then acts like he's goin down to tease me. Then finally he goes down. He licks my wet, pussy lips first, then he'll slowly go in & out of my hole with his tounge. Then after he gets started he goes crazy with it. I dunno how he does it: the fastest tounge moving thang ever. While he's eating me out he'll use 1 hand to fingerfuck me & he'll reach the other 1 up on my boobs and rub and squeeze. I love it & he'll go even crazier when you buck up at him cuz you can't take no more! He;ll start all over again. WHICH IS A GOOD THANG!!
My boyfriend always promises me an eat out for a blow-job. I always say yes it sounds fair!!
by xxlilsexibabygurlxx July 22, 2006

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