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a guy you can spill your guts to with no fear of anyone else finding out. the wisest idiot you have ever met. he isnt perfect, and may have made a few mistakes, but he knows it and tries to learn from it and move on. he is extremely insightful, and when you talk to him you feel like he knows exactly what you are thinking before you say it. Has the most beautiful eyes of any boy you have ever met, and you have to watch yourself so you dont end up staring.. bear hugs are always welcome, because they make you feel like you are wrapped up in love and safety no matter your current situation in life and you forget your feet are on the ground. sarcasm drips from everything he says but that just makes you adore him more. he loves music with all he is, especially hardcore. he works hard and long to provide for his future, and for that you respect him. when you need him he appears at any time of day or night. he can be full of himself and really stupid sometimes. his self-esteem level goes to the negatives and he seems to jump from girl to girl, which drives you absolutely insane, but in the end you know you will stay. he says he cares about you, but sometimes you wonder if he genuinely means it. during the hardest times of your year, you stay up late and think about your conversations. you cant help but smile. he is your guardian angel. and though the world doesnt accept him, he wants to break down the walls of stereotypes and make his mark before he goes.
christian: he doesnt love you. and you dont love him.
you:why do you say that?
christian: because we arent who we are supposed to be yet. no one is. so why fall for someone who doesnt exist?
by xxkill_the_eggrollsxx November 20, 2010

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