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a type of music(noise) that pollutes both the air and the minds of many suburban kids. Bands in this genre include slipknot, disturbed, korn, and mushroom head. Nu-metal bands use false emotions to sell albums to teenagers and sometimes very immature adults. These consumers of the over-priced nu-metal cds and merch are often teenagers struggling with their ego, sexuality, confidence, polularity, will to live, etc. They can be identified as wearing giant wallet chains, oversized jnco jeans, ball necklaces, and overpriced band shirts(all of which are over- compensating for something of lesser size). Nu-metal is made and listened to by people with way too much self-pity and way to little discernment about music.
all of the music they repetedly play on the radio to satisfy the unintelligent and self-loathing minds of many suburban teenagers.
by xthatoneguywholovesafix October 26, 2003

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