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Its kindof funny how so many fakes are out there now.
Saying they need to cut themselves everytime somone says that theyre gay.
True emos; Arent depressed all the time and can have fun.
They cut for good reasons,death,heartbreak,just pain.
Shop at hottopic because they know that store has a sense of style:)
And listen to music that people have never probably heard off,likee jefree star,uffie,medric droid. Yeh were cool and smexy.
Haha also emos joke around about sex ALOTlmao!
Use un-understandable phrases or words
like..yer,yew,cunt,douche and other words ^^
Fake-Uhm like they try to dress and over asssorize and listen to wimpy bAnds like afi and greenday. They are virgins,or atleast dont know what sex is,hah. Think they are cool just because they CUT!usually has stupid "emo layouts"Talk about sucicide too much.
well yeah,i just hate fake people.
Fake emo talking to a true emo.
Fake-So do you cut yerself?
True-Um do I know you?
Fake-No,but im emo and hangout with hottopic people.
True-Oh okay do yew know who jefree star is?
Fake-Oh yeah..hes a rapper.
True-No. Yer stupid and gay if you dont know who he is
Fake-IM NOT GAY! *cut cut,bangg!*
by xslitmyheartx October 21, 2007

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