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points earned for doing or wearing something scene

WARNING: real scene kids don't acknowledge their existance, EVER. real scenesters do scene things because they want to, so if u wanna count point, better do it in ur head.

here are some things that give you scene points
scene clothes-2 points for each item-only clothes u have worn within the past 2 weeks count
scene hair-2 points for every color, 3 for spikes or poofiness, bangs are required
scene s/n or user name-1 additional point per x
peircings-1 point per piercing, 2 if none of ur friends have the same 1 as u
going to shows-10 points for each show you've been to in the past month
food-in the last 2 weeks, 1 point for each energy drink, 1point for each instant
soup, take away 2 points for every day you've eaten meat
belts, pins, necklaces-2 points for each bullet or studded belt, 1 point for every plain belt, 1 point for every pin worn, 2 if it's for PETA or a band that no one knows, 1 point for every oversized or scene necklace worn
scene obsession-1 point for every current obsession
bands-2 points for every band you listen to thats not on iTunes, 10 points for every band member or scene queen ( including guys) you're friends with, 2 points for every band member you've gone out w/ in the past 2 weeks

note-scene points can only be given for things that happened in the past 2 weeks
double points for anything on that list if it's DIY

you lose scene points if you admit they exist
by xradxcorex April 13, 2008
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