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The principle of the game of Chicken is that while either player prefers not to yield to each other, the outcome where neither player yields is the worst possible outcome for both players. The game has origins in which two drivers drive towards each other on a collision course: one must swerve or both may die in the crash but if one driver swerves and the other does not the one who swerved will be called a “chicken,” meaning coward. This article is about the sexual variation of the game usually played by teenagers, in which male players usually lose to female players.

Two players sit cross-legged on the floor opposite to each other and each player rests their hand on their opponent’s ankle. When the game begins the players begin to sensually move their hand up their opponent’s leg toward their “private parts.” Male players can move their hand toward their female opponent’s vagina or breast but usually choose the breast. The player that calls “Chicken” first surrenders and loses the game. Male players usually lose because the thought of laying their hand on their female opponent’s breast combined with her hand moving slowly up his thigh causes him to have an erection and causing him to surrender before his opponent touches his erect penis. However the male player doesn’t always lose; sometimes female players feel insecure about boys touching their breasts or vagina. The game can be played with same sex players as well.

Variants of the game include punishing the losing player, such as “Strip Chicken” in which the “Chicken” has to remove an article of clothing for each round of the game they lose and sometimes rules are included that say the game cannot end until one player is completely naked and / or the loser can’t get dressed again until they do something humiliating. Another variant that involves punishing the loser is “Spank the Chicken” in which the loser’s bottom is spanked by the winner. The winner usually chooses the number of smacks and the implement used but conditions are usually set before the game begins such as the maximum number of smacks, banned implements and sometimes whether the loser’s bottom is to be spanked bare or fully or partially clothed. An extreme variant is sexual partners engage in a wild sexual activity and the player surrender because of awkwardness, discomfort or pain is the winner’s sex slave the next time the people have sex. Again conditions are usually set before the game begins.
Chelsey and Shawn decided to play a drunken game of Chicken. However Shawn surrendered before he could touch Chelsey’s breast because the thought of touching his crush’s breast combined with the sensual motion of Chelsey’s hand up his leg caused Shawn to have an erection.

Dylan convinced his girlfriend Brittney to play “Strip Chicken” at a party. Brittney and Dylan hadn’t gone farther than holding hands and kissing because Brittney was a virgin but agreed to play the game because boys usually lose. Dylan didn’t mind his girlfriend touching his erect penis but Brittney felt awkward when Dylan’s hand got to close to her breast. Brittney was embarrassed when she had to make out with Dylan in front of people at the party while naked when she lost.

Nathan and Annie decided to play “Spank the Chicken.” Annie won and gave Nathan twenty-five cruel smacks with a ping-pong paddle. Poor Nathan couldn’t sit down for the rest of the evening.
by xoxo__ash February 05, 2009

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