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A very cheap clothing store for clothes that kind of look similar to AE, AF, HCO.

PRO: Their clothes are afforable and cheap. The shirts are about 5-10 bucks when on sale (they always seem to be on sale), and their shorts and jeans range from 10-25 bucks which is a Target price.

CON: The quality is HORRIBLE. If you buy a knit top there for 20 bucks, about a week later the neckline can rip! Many of their shirts, camis, and tanks are really thin and stretchy, which makes it rip and stretch easily when worn a lot. Their shirts are hung on wired hangers and sometimes they stretch out the shoulder part of the shirt making it pointy and funky looking. The jeans feel rough and uncomfortable. The store models look around 18 years old, but some of their clothes look like they were made for preteens and kids (the goofy monkeys and turtles and all that glittery crap).

Sometimes called a prep/poser store because some shirts happen to look like ones from ae,af,hco. But in reality, it is JUST A CLOTHES STORE for people who just want regular clothes.

Overall: The price is good, but you'll end up buying around a shirt or two for a visit because the majority of the stuff you've tried on either looks bad or looks cheap.
Ashley: Hey your shirt is ripped on your shoulder!
Me: What?! I just bought this like a week ago! Damn you Aeropostale! Oh well, want to go shopping there later?
by xoxoStacyoxox July 20, 2007
gatherings or events with big groups of asians in other racial dominated areas.

asians who are 'white(american) washed' usually run from these asian crowds to avoid stereotypes.
ex 1: those huge asian tour guides at theme parks (ie. Disneyland, Six Flags, etc)

ex 2:
Non-asian friend: WOW! There's a mob of asians! Asian invasion! Can you speak their language??!
White washed asian:...... JUST BECAUSE IM ASIAN..

ex 3:
a group of 9 asian friends get together with two white/spanish/etc friends.
white/spanish/etc friends: Asian invasion!
by xoxoStacyoxox July 21, 2007

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