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4 definitions by xlsloshlx

Stands for "Visual Cocaine Residue"
Bob: "hey dude... can you check my vcr?"

Tom: "you don't own one, do you?"

Bob: "my nose, I mean! Anything on it??!"
by xlsloshlx March 02, 2009
Generally used as an insult towards woman... or men. Same thing as callin someone a bitch or whore. It's the act of after a man has ejaculated into one woman's mouth, she then passes it to a second woman. And continues. It's now become a derogitory term me and my friends use to talk shit about someone.
Guy1: I talked to heather and...

Guy2: and what?

Guy1: nothin due. She was just being a cumswapper.
by xlsloshlx March 02, 2009
A young girl between the ages of 8-14 wearing shit like pushup bras, daisy dukes, thigh highs, shirts that say "slut" or "whore" and trying to look like they're a 30 yr old crackhead. Usually can be found txting other prostitots at the mall and/or myspacing... the only thing they have to look forward to is a life full of cum swapping, nut stained panties and whoring themselves... all before there's even grass on the field.
Guy1: hey baby. What's yo digits?

Prostitot: ur a creep. I'm in the 3rd grade.

Guy1: damn prostitot
by xlsloshlx March 02, 2009
A word that scene kids use wwwaaaaayyyyyy too much!
I am so chill right now...

So I just drank a daiquiri and now I'm chill

Fuckin scene kids! Fags.
by xlsloshlx March 02, 2009