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One who has literal conservative values and objectives, but is intelligent enough to self govern through anarchism.

Note: This person is not concerned with the standard Ideals of the American "conservative" party. Eg: Anti-abortion, Christian/religious, anti-gay, pro-gun.

Although they can incorporate these ideals into their personal political structure even if they are not in fact literally conservative.
The conservative anarchists didn't waste resources, nor did they require a governmental entity to have a successful society. Less waste and more money and resources saved by all the conservative anarchists, was spent to fund education and science instead of a millionaire politicians yacht collection.
by xlioilx July 13, 2012
The opposite of credulous, but without implying blind disregard as the word "incredulous" does.

Meaning the same as incredulous, but without implying that an individual or group is blindly refusing, denying or unwilling to contemplate,process, or accept new information or ideas.

A disbelief based on reasoned facts, and not blind disbelief.

Reasoned disbelief based on physical facts

Willing to admit error, but only when physical reproducible facts are provided.
Ex1: Tim uncredulously enjoyed the magic show because he knew every trick!

(Tim already knew the tricks so he disbelieved the "magic" with reason)

Ex2: The the doctors uncredulity was proven to his patient the second the homeopathic medicine was unable to produce results.

(the medicine was already scientifically disproved and when used on a patient it didn't function as claimed by homeopaths proving the uncredulous nature of the doctor. Since he already knew through scientific research.)

Ex3 The General was briefed that there could be bunkers that should be bombed. The Generals uncredulous decision to not bomb where supposed bunkers were was based on the lack information regarding enemy bunker location.

(The general disbelieved because there was a lack of facts)
by xlioilx January 16, 2013
The movie "The Big Lebowski"
That ped rat had sex with a 9 year old
by xlioilx February 06, 2005
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