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A word used when surprised in a not-so-pleased way.

Also used when frusterated.
"AGH my computer wont work"

"youre having a baby? agh..."
by xindulgedx March 07, 2004
see shizzle.
shortened term for lazy kids.
like "for shizzle"
fershizz homie, Ill go with you to the show.
by xindulgedx March 07, 2004
1) A town in which is located in oregon, next to Lake Oswego. One of the most yuppie filled people in the state. Their highschool has the best public school rating, but everyone there is evil.

2) A way of saying something is so rich looking it's ugly.
1) Man, I dont want to go to west linn today... Im not in the mood to deal with all the preppies.

2) I would never wear that abercromie shirt! its so west linn!
by xindulgedx March 07, 2004
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