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christofer drew ingle, better known as his stage name "nevershoutnever" is an american acoustic/indie musician.
he has too many fans, ever since his new album came out.
he's lost many of those fans,including me, due to his new douchebag attitude.
he is the definition of a sellout.
-do you listen to nevershoutnever?
-yes, i've known him since 07.
-omg me too! i love chrisoPHer* drew! he's so cute! i love his song trouble! i've also known him for three years!
-clearly. you know how to spell his name right and everything. i don't like him that much anymore. he's sort of a sellout and acts like a douchebag towards his fans. he even turned me down twice for an autograph. i remember when he used to actually play songs after shows for fans, instead of ignoring them and acting like he's the biggest musician out there. he's changed alot.
-OMG! wtf! everyone changes! he's such an amazing person. i can't believe you dont understand that people change, like omg.

i hope you can distinguish the difference between his old fans, and his newer, bittie fans.
by xfebe November 13, 2010
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