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3 definitions by xerent

The most frequent number to appear in Star Trek shows.
Mission 47. Status: 4747-Alpha. Objective 47. Stardate 474747.1. Status 47.

Authorization Picard 4-7 Alpha Tango.
by xerent January 02, 2004
Many times, repeating, shows up over and over, appearing in regular or irregular loops.
Books are frequent in book stores.

The apples frequently fell down from the branches.
by xerent January 02, 2004
A rare card in the Magic: The Gathering series. Printed in series: Alpha, Beta, Unlimited.

People who buy Black Lotuses are nerds and stupid (they cost >$500 each)
Person1: I have a Black Lotus.
Person2: Wow, you're a retard.
by xerent January 02, 2004