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When positioning oneself with the ass on the forehead of one's sex partner, one slaps his penis down on the partner's nose, resembling the long, extruding nose of Gonzo from the Muppets. Typically performed while giving the Arabian Goggles.
While Eric was screwing that chick, he decided to pull out and give her the Arabian Goggles, and for emphasis he slapped on the Gonzo Nose!
by xer0negative November 29, 2007
A combination of the Hindu Dot, the Arabian Goggles, and the Gonzo Nose. Essentially, one places their crap-laden asshole on the forehead of the sexual partner to produce a dot reminiscent of the dot's many Hindi's wear. In the process, one places the testicles over the eyes of the partner, and for good measure, places the penis over the nose so as to represent the elongated nose of Gonzo the muppet.
Tyler really wanted to show his girlfriend who was boss, so he gave her the Hindu Dot with the Arabian Goggles, and for good measure he slapped on the Gonzo Nose - now that's a Shitty Hindu!
by xer0negative November 29, 2007
A new and exciting urban delecacy - obviously only for those clubs with "adult" tastes. When ordered, a man with a gimp suit and assless chaps shows up at your table with a shot of espresso and a long straw. You masturbate (or fuck) and cum into his ass, then use the straw to suck it out (aka "felching") and spit it into your espresso. Drink it up baby - it's delicious!
After a long night of dancing, I was happy to see that the all night cafe offered the Belgian Felchin' Cappuccino - I needed a good fuck and some caffeine to get me through until morning.
by xer0negative February 27, 2008

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