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Fake Cheese. Faux meets Fromage. Even though they are two French words, I think most Anglos know their meaning.
Or maybe Fauxmaggio if you prefer French meets Italian (faux meets fromaggio)?
Fauxmage: Vegan Cheese, Processed cheese.
by Xavier Reivax October 11, 2009
Outdated electric technology. Relic meets Electronic.
Relictronic: 8-track stereos, telephones attached to a wall, old computers (Atari, Commodore 64, etc.), bicycle headlamps with the generators that run along the side of your tire.
by Xavier Reivax October 11, 2009
contraction: stupid + idiot
Honey, that`s not where the salad dressing goes in the refrigerator!
You`re such a stupidiot.
by xavier reivax November 06, 2009
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