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Escape the Fate is a Post Hardcore band signed with Epitaph Records and is from Las Vegas, NV. They were signed in 2005 after winning a radio contest held by My Chemical Romance (MCR). Their first album is 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion' which was sung by their first lead singer, Ronald (Ronnie) Radke. After Ronnie got put in High Desert State Prison, the band got a new singer Craig Mabbitt. Craig is the ex-singer of BlessTheFall. He sang in their album 'This War Is Ours'.

So that's their history... Moving on to now...

Many people are caliming that either Ronnie Radke(former singer) is better than Craig Mabbitt (current singer), or vise versa. But... They're both mazaing, I mean, if they can be famous, or singers, or anything like that, then they must be pretty good. Any way...
Ronnie Radke went to jail for drug abuse. He was taking drugs, thanks to Max, and took too much, Max tried to stop him, but he wouldn't, so long story short, Max arranged for Ronnie to go to jail, keeping in mind that it'd help him. So Ronnie is forming a new band, called Falling In Reverse. yes, I understand that many of you think it's From Behind These Walls, but they changed the name, due to the government.
Moving onto Craig...
He used to be in Bless The Fall, but he quit to spend some time with his daughter. And I really don't know what happened... But he joined Escape The Fate, and thanks to him, they can still sing songs, and go on tour, and all of that.
I don't know what to put here...

-Haha.. They said:
-Example should include the word "Escape The Fate"
by xXxUsernameHerexXx August 10, 2009

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