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Emo wannabes will want to act like they're the real thing,which of course, they're not. The emo-girl wannabes will like to go to 'Claires' and 'Ardene' and buy damn cheap skull necklaces and emo-stripe gloves. They think just because they try to dress like the real emos they think they're a part of it. And HEY, those boneheads will do anything to be LIKE an emo but they never will understand what it is. If another emo tries to strike up a conversation to test them, they'll give a lame excuse and get out of it. They'll dye their hair, go to freaking Hot Topic, all those. But hello, those airheads know NOTHING about the emo culture.
emo kid:I saw you in Hot Topic yesterday.

emo wannabe:Yeah! I got these awesome skull t-shirts and stuff!HEEHEE!

emo kid: Why.

emo wannabe:Cuz I'm like a emo! And everyone knows emos lyke bands lyke Metro Station and stuff lyke thaaat!

emo kid: (fuck off)
by xXxNot-Like-ThemxXx March 02, 2009

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