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Jennifers are the type of person who is out-going and random. They make even the saddest person smile with their jokes. They can be a bit of a blonde sometimes and never act their age, whether they're acting younger or older! They usually have good grades and still love to have fun. They can't ever speak bad about someone and sometimes have difficulty trusting someone, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't trust them, because they are very trustworthy. They have amzing eyes and absoluely hate compliments, and will shoot them down. When they flirt, it's very subtle, but that's what drives the guy crazy! They are never a slut. They are usually sort of tomboyish, but deep down inside, can be a girly-girl. They hate to be hated by others, so they try to be kind to everyone. Always surrounded by groups of friends, they're really popular. Never try to shoot down her friends or family because she sticks up for them all the time, and they are very motherlike. Their advice is always the best and they lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when needed. They are considered more striking than sexy, which means that at first glance, you may not notice it, but once you get to know her, she's damn gorgeous! Overall, she's a great friends, family, girlfriend, and lover! (: Don't let her slip through your fingers! <3
"I met the perfect girl. She so damn nice and cute and sweet and-"
"Cool, what's her name?"
"Jennifer!" :)
by xXxLuckyGuyXxX December 11, 2010

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